Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Hundred Ways

... this song just crossed my mind after a short sleep of 4 hours... never been having a good sleep this past few days... i have two versions of good Filipino Singers, hope you will find time to listen to the two attached videos from youtube... 

Compliment what she does
Send her roses just because
If it's violins she loves
Let them play
Dedicate her favourite song
And hold her closer all night long
Love her today
Find one hundred ways

Dont forget, there could be
An old lover in her memory
If you need her so much more
Why don't you say?
Maybe she has it in her mind
That she's just wasting her time
Ask her to stay
Find one hundred ways

Being cool won't help you keep a love warm
You'll just blow your only chance
Take the time to open up your heart
That's the secret of romance

Sacrifice if you care
Buy her some moonlight to wear
If it's one more star she wants
Go all the way
In your arms tonight, she'll reflect
That she owes you the sweetest of debts
If she wants to pay
Find one hundred ways

Love her today
Find one hundred ways 

... you don't read my posts do you? hehehe... don't worry 
    special here... true, i mean it nothing serious... check the 
    other blog tho...
... you don't know what's happening with me...
... don't worry, i have been through a lot all
    by myself. I will do pass this again, all by
    myself. fear, pain is nothing. been through 
    a lot of it. and made it through...

version of Jay-R

version of Regine Velasquez

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