Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Was Looking For Someone To Love

originally sung by Leif Garrett... and revived by Filipino Singer "Karylle"

told myself when you smiled at me, 
This time its gonna be forever, 
I didn’t know you would hurt me so;
But from the very start
You are the one who would break my heart

(‘Coz) I was looking for someone to love,
And, oh, the heartaches I found;
I was looking for someone to love, 
[ From: ]
But you were just looking around.

You led me on pretendin’ you could care,
Promisin’ the love we’d share together;
I’ve closed the door, I cant take it anymore,
Love will never be the same
You turned it around, and you made it a game.

... i'm confused!... 

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