Monday, September 26, 2011

Bituing Walang Ningning

this song would probably describe me as a person who is in love...
i am the type who will not care
loosing everything even the chance to fame
if it means being with 
and having the company of the person
i love the most...
I can be satisfied with just being on the side
being on the background...
being just the simple one...

Sharon Cuneta

for the movie of the same title..
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Kung minsan ang pangarap
(Sometimes our dreams)
Habambuhay itong hinahanap
(Takes you a lifetime to search)
Bakit nga ba nakapagtataka
(But sometimes it is strange)
'Pag ito ay nakamtan mo na
(Even if you already got it)
Bakit may kulang pa
(It seems like there is something lacking).

Mga bituin aking narating
(I have reach the heavens)
Ngunit langit ko pa rin ang iyong piling
(But being with you is my heaven)
Kapag tayong dalawa'y naging isa
(If we ever we will be one)
Kahit na ilang laksang bituin
(Even how many stars)
'Di kayang pantayan ating ningning
(Will never be enough to match our shine)

Balutin mo ako ng hiwaga ng iyong pagmamahal
(Coat me with the wonders of your love)
Hayaang matakpan ang kinang na 'di magtatagal
(Let is cover the shine that will never last)
Mabuti pa kaya'y maging bituing walang ningning
(I rather be a star that never shine)
Kung kapalit nito'y walang paglaho mong pagtingin
(in return for you forever love)

Itago mo ako sa lilim ng iyong pagmamahal
(Hide me in the shadow of your love)
Limutin ang mapaglarong kinang ng tagumpay
(Forget about the fancy glitter of fame)
Sa piling mo ngayon ako'y bituing walang ningning
(in you, I am a star that does not shine)
Nagkukubli sa liwanag ng ating pag-ibig
(Hiding from the shine of our love)

[Repeat 2nd Stanza]
[Repeat CHORUS 1]
[Repeat REFRAIN 2 except last line]

Nagkukubli sa liwanag at kislap ng ating pag-ibig 

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